Friday, April 19, 2013

More Lake district Watercolors

I do enjoy making these views, should we strive for more than we are? I do feel the crackle of a stronger sense of abstract elements in nature. I will be experimenting more with ways to energise watercolor painting.


Oscar Solis said...

Excellent paintings. Having seen your videos, I enjoy watching the way you work, applying the colors with confidence.

One of the things I notice in many watercolors is that you can see the struggle in the work, which is not evident in your work. In my own work, I've taken the approach of what I put down stays. I'm curious as to your own approach to this (I hope I'm clear).

Roy Simmons said...

Thanks Oscar, I understand you perfectly. There is often struggle, perhaps I hide it well!! I do understand, though, put it down and leave it, that is very good advice.