Thursday, March 14, 2013

Watercolor, Snow Flurries in the Hills

 Fresh and bright, snow blowing in, occasional sun. A mixed bag of a day high on the Cumbrian hills!


Oscar Solis said...

Excellent painting. I like the fact that you didn't use white for the snow flurries (which is what I probably would have done).

I was wondering what paints are you using as well as what kind of paper?

Roy Simmons said...

Hi Oscar,
The paints are just cotman watercolors which are called 'student' quality but are fine. I do use quinacridone gold which is artist quality and quite expensive. The paper is 140lb Bockingford NOT pressed from Ken Bromley in UK

Oscar Solis said...

Thank you for the reply. Your skill and talent prove that you don't need to spend a fortune in paints and paper to produce beautiful paintings.

As for myself, I have found 'student' quality watercolors to be pretty good. I use Cotman, Van Gogh, Yasutomo Chinese Watercolors as well as MaimeriBlu, which are 'artist' quality, but, happily, not too expensive. They all work well. Haven't tried Bockingford, but once I run out of my supply of rag paper I'm going to order some.