Thursday, October 11, 2012

Acrylic paintings, Silver Birch and Buttermere


Vicki Holdwick said...

Love these, Roy, especially the silver birch,


Roy Simmons said...

Thanks Vicki!

Anonymous said...

Stunning paintings. The silver birch looks as though it's in moonlight. I must learn to paint like this but with my own style. I need to tone my colours down too.
Great work Roy.
Cherry A

Roy Simmons said...

Thanks Cherry! Actually color is a BIG subject isnt it?!

Anonymous said...

Colour is very subjective, we seem to be influenced by it in a painting or anything else, and can express ourselves by it, especially in art. My problem with painting is that in life my taste is subtle, but when I pick up a brush and acrylics, I go vivid! At least in the Dance challenge I felt this was ok. From today, I will work on winter landscapes, that should help, big smile.
Your paintings just glow!