Friday, September 28, 2012

Madison Valley USA acrylic painting


Anonymous said...

Roy, your paintings are beautiful, full of vigour, life and vibrancy. I particularly love your use of colour, which seems instinctively right in conveying light, shade and mood.

 I came across your blog accidentally whilst searching for loose painting techniques, which is something I'm very keen to learn, both in watercolour and acrylics. Then I also discovered that you are a member of PMP which I joined a few months ago , but only now have had the opportunity to look at and haven't yet posted anything.

Now, looking at your paintings I'm curious about the spraying of  watercolour as a base for acrylics as it's something I've not come across before. It seems I have much to learn.

All the best

Roy Simmons said...

Thanks Cherry,
I have written an article which will be in the next pmp newsletter about my acrylic techniques, and more videos to be made for youtube. For loose watercolor checkout my youtube channel, some full paintings on there to watch.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the links Roy. I've just watched a couple of them and they really inspire me to try a larger brush and just splash the paint. Your work is really impressive.

As a newbie to PMP I've been having a problem trying to post my first painting there, probably because all my images are stored in Photobucket and I mostly work from an iPad. I'll try again tomorrow from my computer.

Thanks again for your very helpful and instructive links.
Cherry A