Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strolling round Paris by Google Streetview.

Using streetview you can look around just about every major City and town in the world! I was in Paris the other day and painted this. Fearless, no pre-drawing again. I have a process starting to form. In 3 rough stages. 1. Drawing and Light 2. Light. 3. Drawing.
so 'DL : L : D'

Stage one (DL) involves using the brush to rough in both the drawing and the main light effects, this is perhaps the most creative stage which can make or break. You have to allow the paint to do its thing and create patterns of light shade and colour. In stage two (L) You stregnthen the light effects, look for those passages that steer the viewer around your painting. You must rely on 'feel' at this stage, strict copying of a photo or reality doesn't do it.
Finally, three, you put in some detail as needed, you can add some final light washes to enhance but it is best to stop sooner.

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