Thursday, August 26, 2010

Loose 'Fearless Watercolour' Venice Canal

This is based on a photo on paint my photo. I just dived straight in with my new fearless watercolour mindset. I am beginning to realise that most of my limitations as an Artist are in my head! My hands know what to do, Art comes from the mind. It is founded on my roughbrush technique, but in this I allow a conventional sable brush (Kolinsky sable size 8 from Rosemary and co- highly recommended), to behave like a rough brush. At the time of painting this I thought it may fail, THAT is the point to engage the fearless mind, I am going to produce more on this subject because judging from responses to my work on PMP- others want to do this! I was really surprised, I knew my friends on there would be polite, but you can tell when it's genuine. One Lady has said 'I want to do this' you can't be clearer than that.


WWendi said...

Yes Please!

MORE on engaging the Fearless Mind and Loose Fearless Watercolor without sketching first!!!

I so wish I could do that... just pick up my brush and paint... and voila! Something I not only learned from doing, but also enjoyed doing, and feel that its a fairly decent work, or at least not be embarrassed to show it to someone!

I'd take loose, engergy, and passion over tight, exacting, and lifeless perfection 99.99% of the time!! So why can't/won't I do it!?

Roy Simmons said...

Wendi! Thanks so much, you CAN do it! I have no special talent, just lots of enthusiasm. I have been painting on and off since I was a child, I am now much older... Have a look at Jean Haines book (google her) she has been inspirational to me lately. Also if you havent found it yet, go have a look at Lots of inspiration.

Donna Quesada said...

The fear is always in our heads! The story of existence. And yet we always know what to do. It is the Zen of watercolor! No hesitation - it's why the Samurais went to study with the monks; mind with sword, moving together as one, no second guessing.

I love your paintings!

Donna Quesada said...

Thanks for the reference to Jean Haines - I am presently looking at her dog gallery, which is a treat because I love dogs! I've been wondering if I could ever paint my doggy, with his white "schnauzer cheeks" and bushy eyebrows. PS, thanks for visiting my blogs - your comments are most welcome!