Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artists Who Can't Draw - Seth Godin is a Gent!

He is a Gentleman because he has mentioned me as the source of an idea. I emailed him in response to something he wrote, that resonated. I closed the email with... Roy Simmons (Leader of a potential tribe of Artists who can't draw!)

His mail back closed with...

Seth Godin to me

that's a great riff, Roy. "artists that can't draw"

good luck with it

So- he not only remembered where the phrase came from originally, but was gracious enough to mention me by name in his new book 'Linchpin'

If you want to know more about what I do, you can see my Art Tutorial videos on youtube

I have made a 1 hour DVD also available as a $7.00 download, teaches my Rough Brush watercolor painting method- Great for us Artists who can't draw!

You can see my Art on my Etsy Shop

And also my invention which allows anybody to draw! Called SimmTrace which uses a webcam and free software to make a modern camera lucida

As one Gentleman to another, thanks Seth!

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Anonymous said...

So wonderfully cool! I posted your link on FB.