Saturday, December 5, 2009

Watercolor like a mad thing!!

I have been thinking more about what goes through my mind when I am painting my rough brush watercolors, and I realise that I am probably not the same as all watercolorists out there. I admire the paintings people do in the Chinese and Japanese painting styles. The style that is called Sumi-E I have read that you need to breathe properly, be super relaxed, make a brushstroke as you exhale, stuff like that! I wish I could do it that way, but I can't. My Rough brush technique is designed to work for the more energetic and average Joe and Joanne. Watercolor for the rest of us!


Unknown said...

Everyone has a thing. It's sort of like a passage in the bible in Romans 14, where Paul exhorts individuals to be fully convinced in 'their own minds.' Average Joe or Joanne, breathing and thinking about a thousand things at once, or the Sumi-E individual meditating, focusing and breathing in a traditional sense. Either way - get 'er done! Do the work and keep at it, right Roy?

Roy Simmons said...

Right Eddie! as always, good words!!