Saturday, December 19, 2009

In my Watercolor podcast I Interview Lori Andrews

...and she was a great interview subject! I have been podcasting for a little while, watercolor on the radio, it actually works! You can hear hear this latest podcast on my rough brush website. You can see examples of Lori's work on her site laartgallery. She is a superb watercolor painter.

Like many of us do these days, Lori describes her way of speeding up the drawing process by using modern tools like a projector. This can be a real time saver, which as Lori pointed out is important for her as she has a young family.

I was especially interested in the way she describes her use of color. It is interesting that she uses a wide range of pigments and makes the point that some of these modern colors cannot be mixed by yourself.

I had some technical problems which means that there will be another interview with her in the near future.

She is a very modest lady, and did not even mention her etsy shop where you can buy her work at very attractive prices, when you consider how long these take and the skill required. If you get in now you could find yourself with a great Art investment!

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