Monday, November 23, 2009

Demonstrating Rough Brush at Barleylands Craft Village

I had a very enjoyable afternoon at Barleylands Craft Village at the Studio of Dean Smith, demonstrating my techniques to a group of his students. It went very well, and I think everybody found something of interest. They particularly liked the fact that I paint a watercolour with brushes from a hardware store, that don't look to be art brushes, but produce great results. I made another view of Cartmel Fell in the lake district. This was the resulting painting, took about an hour including a lot of discussion of the methods. I will probably be looking for other venues to do similar! So if any readers have an idea where something like this might be of interest, let me know.


Peter Lau said...

Love your painting especially the rough brush technique using hardware store brushes. Something I should try one of these days when I have more control of the watercolor medium.

Roy Simmons said...

Thanks for your encouragement Peter,in fact the rough brushes help you to loose control of the medium! (in a good way) to help you create random elements that are appealing to the eye.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Your work is truly amazing, Roy. How about coming to Nashville and doing a session with Jay's art class? Just a short hop, skip and a.....a...well, a flight. :)


Anonymous said...

PS My son Daniel, 15, insisted that this was a photograph until I click on it to enlarge the image. Then all he said was, "WOW."