Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Portraits with the SimmTrace

I have not been blogging, I have been working...some work on artistic pursuits. I am finding the greatest thing about the SimmTrace is doing portraits. I have been studying up on chiaroscuro y sfumato techniques. This is Italian for light, dark and smoke. The examples I have included with this blog are not charcoal or sanguine sticks as they should be, but rather Crayola crayon and standard #2 pencil like kids use in school. I have to tell you, they look very like the my beautiful redheaded daughter, the subject of these drawings.

And yes, Crayola crayons are real art supplies!

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Roy Simmons said...

WoW !! They are really good! I too like the limited color effect of the 'sanguine' and to use easily obtainable materials for this effect is superb. BTW I have been experimenting with other free software to use with SimmTrace,I have posted a short blog with links on It can be used without uninstalling your current setup. You keep the webcam opaque and make any reference photo transparent.