Saturday, June 13, 2009

Large Watercolour Langdon Hills

This painting of Langdon Hills has a lot of lifting out of colour to create the soft light under trees. Mostly ultramarine, sap green and burnt umber. A little yellow ochre in some areas. I made extensive use of the sash brush to creat texture. A conventional bristle stencil brush was used for some 'scrubbing out' with clear water.


Anonymous said...

Stunning picture you have done. Just a couple of questions

(1) How big is it?

(2) How much is it?

Craig Woodhams:P

Roy Simmons said...

Hi Craig, the size is around A3 size (double a4 size) Price is yet to be decided!! It is part of the 'rough brush' project for a Tutorial DVD.

Thanks for your kind comments.