Saturday, May 23, 2009

Multi layer watercolour and acrylic inks

I have been experimenting with using watercolour and acrylic inks. The inks have fantasic colours and of course have the capability to be overlaid when dry with no danger of being disturbed by subsequent layers. These multiple glazes (10 or more!) Create a wonderful blend of colour.


Roy Simmons said...

NOTE: These are available cheaple on ebay at the moment!

Anonymous said...

These painting's are beautiful! For A-level art we have been asked to explore 'layers' in landscape or by the sea, and I thought layers of water colour; and you have done exactly this! I love the idea of using Acrylic inks, I may have to invest in these, I will incorporate this method within my art, Thank you!

Roy Simmons said...

You are most welcome, acrylic paint is also good for layering, and you can add a 'glaze medium' to make the paint even more transparent. Also take a look at inktense pencils and blocks by derwent, they dry permanent, like ink.