Sunday, March 22, 2009

SimmTrace Demonstration video

And below an explanation of how Simmtrace can be used to give you a small business opportunity.


Chris Chalk Art said...

Hi there Roy, Chalky here from POline. Just watched your vids. I like your idea and wish you all the best with it mate. Chris

Roy The Artist said...

Thanks Chris, coming from such a talented Artist that gives me great encouragement!

Ian said...

Hello Roy,
I watched your videos today about your invention - SimmTrace. I am a professional artist and I think that SimmTrace could be a wonderful tool for transferring some of my complex perspective designs – made with Blender – onto paper.
I downloaded the file and installed it. Immediately, my ant-virus warned me that the package contained two Trojan horses! When I tried to actually use the program, my anti-virus once again swung into action and stopped the program working all together.
I will re-install the program again this evening and deactivate my anti-virus (Avast) . I thought that you should know about this, because I am sure other people will come across the same problem.
My best wishes to you,

Roy The Artist said...

Thanks Ian for the heads up, I have scanned all files with latest AVG, I dont have Avast, but have found some mention on forums for false positives with VirtualDub, the open source program that is used to display the webcam image.

I will do a further post about the issue when I can experiment more.

Thanks again, Roy

Roy The Artist said...

Update: Just heard from Ian, all working for him. He had to turn off hardware acceleration for transparency to work. I will produce documentation and 'faq' file asap.

Roy The Artist said...

Update:: May be because of compressing a compressed installation file. I am looking into hosting the .exe directly. Anyone having probs contact me and I will send e-mail with file attached.


Karna Faglier said...

new to your product and very excited. Does it work with windows 8?

Roy Simmons said...

Hi Karna,
have not tried on win 8, give it a go! The app is a small part, all you need is a way to make a window semi transparent. May be other ways to do that in win 8.