Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Video watercolor lesson stonehenge

This video shows how a wider range of colors gives more options, but don't think a lot of colours is neccesary! You will still find I use ultramarine and burnt umber in a major way in this painting also. To that I have added yellow ochre, hookers green, and Alizarian crimson.

This also shows how you shouldn't abandon a painting because of mistakes or problems. In earlier times I abandoned many paintings that I now know could have been saved. I use spongeing out, controll of 'runs' and white goache (horror of horrors!) to correct my many mistakes! So here it is...


Xari said...

Congratulations for your work, and your blog.

I read you from Spain.

Thank you for showing your knowledge!!

Roy Simmons said...

Thank you Marilyn, for your kind comment!


Anonymous said...

watching you working has got me interested in trying to paint again.(I gave up in despair 3 years ago!)

I have dug out my old watercolour box and I can't wait for the weekend to get going.

Keep up the great work.


Roy Simmons said...

Thanks Sam, good to hear. There is a brand new and growing site where you can see photos that you are encouraged to use http://paintmyphoto.ning.com/
worth a look!

Unknown said...

My version of Stonehenge in watercolour https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/112117906073099522199/albums/5577471411723372289/5586404753572458530