Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Explore the Child Artist Within

Well, I have finished another Art lesson Video; it’s on using a limited palette of watercolor (only two colors)! I will link it here soon. I feel quite liberated showing how I create my artwork, as I am a self-confessed ‘cheat’ when it comes to drawing, in particular. I have always found drawing difficult, but always wanted to create pictures.

I do wish I had natural drawing talent, but I don’t! So I have found ways to have fun, doing what I like to do. Why is it that, as children we paint and draw freely, but seem to lose this ability when we get older and ‘wiser’? I would encourage you to look at those subjects you would like to draw and paint, and think of any way you can to get an accurate drawing down, to get you started.

There is nothing wrong with following other art courses and Artists ideas, including mine, but, let me dare to give advice on how to approach that blank canvas or paper.

I look at the work of others and think ‘I would like to paint like that!’ I have my favourites, the watercolours of John Cotman , Turner, The American Artist Winslow Homer, and many others.

You will NOT be able to paint like them! In exactly the same way as you cannot copy someone else’s handwriting, at least not with the flow and fluidity they have.

The thing to do, is to get a good drawing down, in whatever way you can, lightly. Then go over the drawing rapidly in YOUR Way. Do the same applying paint. Paint fast, don’t worry about splodges etc. Try to keep true to the drawing, especially the silhouettes of things (see the leaf paintings for example). Spend no more than half an hour, and you will certainly see things in your own work, you would not have thought possible. Above all, have fun, be like a Child with a new toy, and that will come across.

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