Thursday, October 2, 2008

Conventional V Computer Art

I want to think today about new art as opposed to “old” art. By this I mean creating art on computers instead of traditional media (paper, canvas, paint, pencils etc.)

First I should apologise to Blender 3d users who are expecting only 3d graphics tutorials, this blog is about all the work I create, and how I create it.

As someone who happily dips a toe in both waters, I may have something to contribute. I will add links to things I reference where possible, I future posts.

So the question to ask is not so much ‘is it art’ more, how do we reconcile in-built prejudices about which, if any, is superior in artistic credibility?

My cards on the table, although I have thought a lot about these things I am not really a ‘professional’ Artist in any form. My day job is as a computer engineer, and my hobbies are both traditional and computer art. Having said that, I have sold quite a bit of traditional artwork on ebay; does that count? (A whole essay right there!).

My agenda really is to free other artists who, like me have been ‘educated’ to think that doing anything other than drawing and painting ‘by eye’ is cheating, and therefore not true ‘art’.

You may think that this is not a commonly held view, but it really is, particularly by my generation. There are a lot of frustrated amateur artists out there waiting to be liberated!

So I intend to tell the truth always about how I create my work, and make video tutorials to demonstrate.

Whats your View? is all healthy in the art world? or is there an unfair prejudice towards the old way of doing things?

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